10,000 Maniacs

1 Aug
Nearly three years ago I bought a book that changed my perspective on employment, “Blogging For Dummies”. Not so much earning a living employment but what would I like to do for eight or more hours a day and not feel used up and like flinging myself out of the 6th story windows employment. At the time, I was working at Harcourt Publishing. I worked in eMedia and our task was to produce the videos, websites and audio that go along with eTextbooks. Pretty impressive group of smart people that were nice enough to show me a few tricks and genuinely good people to be around. There were two in particular that really put me on the path- or pushed me- to writing a blog. 
Ken White who never failed to notice my shoes and allowed me to say anything to him: deep and thoughtful or truly raunchy and naughty. Thank you, Ken, for helping in the release of real me from the wreckage of scared uptight me.
Kate Bennett was my Manager. She is gorgeous inside and out. Perfect skin, beautiful hair, always dressed to perfection and a killer sense of humor. Her laugh would just swallow you up- it was true, deep and musical. If I heard her laugh down the hallway, I would giggle too. Aside from all of her glittery warmness, Kate always wanted what’s best for everyone. For me. I remember showing her that book and she said , “You would be great at that”. Lots of people say that- but she truly and deeply meant it. Thank you Kate, for always being a true friend, genuine in your advice and being an example to me of what a true and awesome woman is all about.
So here I am three years later finally authoring a blog on shoes, living out loud and being true to the real me and not sorry one bit. I launched it in February and I have been Mayor of Crazy Town since. Thank you, to all of you maniacs that read along, comment and send me private messages to cuss less, give me new cuss words, share your heart and share your butt hurt over something I said. I appreciate you and sincerely love that you make this blog continue to grow insanely. July was a rough month for me: moving to a new city, setting up a new house and living away from The Girl for the first time ever. I didn’t get to write much from a humorous perspective- but I truly wasn’t laughing inside. I was more of a freaked out WTF am I doing and how do I live everyday without my daughter, friends and family around me. Five thousand of you clicked, read and tolerated me anyway. I appreciate you silently being my friend and backbone last month.
Big News
In July Skinny Cat hit 10,000 views. That is crazy and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! This blog was not even 6 months old at the time. Thank you, you bunch of maniacs- you keep me company and help me formulate my plan for world domination!
My Alexa rating is “insane:” as Carrie said. Here it is- because of you- I am way high in the world and US ratings. Well, low, the smaller the number the better you are ranked. Mind you, there are over 20 million blogs in the world- so I am sitting pretty right now. Especially considering during February and March I was so low ranked that I didn’t show up on the Alexa radar.

Alexa rating as of today. Go check out your rating at http://www.alexa.com/
Thank you , Stalkers:
  • 111 of you get sneak previews, chat with me and like me on Facebook…up from 35 last month!
  • 38 of you follow me on Google Connect
  • 38 of you follow me on Twitter @skinny_cat

Who’s Reading:

  • United States      9,502
  • United Kingdom   502
  • Canada               349
  • Cost Rica            133
  • Germany             127
  • Netherlands         73
  • France                 72
  • Australia              31
  • Mexico                25
  • Portugal              24
  • Denmark             21
  • Mexico                21

And some from Italy, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Brazil, China and Russia!    

What’s Next:

Since I am about to turn 40 this week- I guess I better hurry up and complete that book on turning 40! I have a photo shoot coming up with FuzeBox  this month so the look of this little bloggity will be changing and the book cover can be checked off!
This week I got the news that an Austin magazine on art, fashion and music wants me to write for them and do a few interviews. They will also be featuring this bloggity in November! I am SO looking forward to that project and the big launch party in September! I can’t wait to be able to share all of that gossip with you! I think you all will really love this magazine and will get great tips on emerging designers, exposure to awesome music and maybe be inspired to try a little new art on!
Rebel – the shelter cat that could!
I am story boarding a children’s book (no worries- totally sans the potty mouth) that features my rambunctious and mildly retarded kitten and The Man’s old, blind and grouchy dog. They are quite the pair and the message about over coming challenges  and embracing the crazy will be a good read for all age groups.
All of this would not have happened for me- if you all were not my fans. Thank you for reading, supporting, pushing, correcting and laughing along with me. Thank you to The Man, who puts up with me writing, constantly checking comments and stats, marketing, answering fan emails and business phone calls and working for 7+ hours a day at this dream. I love you and know I am a hard beast to live with sometimes. Thank you for always supporting and loving me in spite of my crazy.


2 Responses to “10,000 Maniacs”

  1. WhisperingWriter August 1, 2011 at 11:43 PM #

    Yay congrats!

    I need to check out that site now. I'm curious.

  2. Amanda Absolutely August 2, 2011 at 6:11 PM #

    I am so happy you are living your dream and it is all coming together for you. You earned it and you deserve it.

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