7.30.11 Weekly Wrap Up

30 Jul
So many of you comment here, on Twitter and the Skinny Cat Face Book page- that I thought I would start making you the super stars! Every Saturday look here to find the Weekly Wrap Up! Check it out to see if I quoted you, posted something you sent to me or just didn’t have time to sneak in any bloggity reading time- all of the hilites will be here!

I posted this on FB:  Skinny Cat is sipping coffee and plotting the next step in my total world domination… and Alan Felyk was the first  be sure he secured his seat at the Honey Badger World Leadership table!

    ‘When you do take over, remember that I always was on your side.
We hooked Linda at fuzebox photography up with a friend who is shooting a zombie movie in Austin. The zombie on the swing is one of our best and dearest friends, Will. You can bet this shot will be in our home. It’s a beautiful thing when you can mix 3 good friends and end up with one great day!
Movie: Zombex
Writer/Director: Jesse Dayton (who is also a bad ass musician & singer)
Most read post:
I received lots of private feedback on this- especially about texting replacing talking while dating! The jury is in and that is a BIG lady turn off!
Shoe Porn:

What’s Up For “Artsy Chicks: Tomorrow:
You are going to love this photographer’s art prints for your office or home! Here’s a little sneak peek!

Best Bloggity Post I Read:

Farts are funny- I laugh every time I hear one (not that I fart…I’m a lady). Gross body stuff makes me laugh so I nearly pissed myself when I stumbled across this, the perfect fart position. You know you’ll try it!


One Response to “7.30.11 Weekly Wrap Up”

  1. Mama Spaghetti July 30, 2011 at 12:36 PM #

    That picture totally cracked me up.

    And those shoes rock!

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