7.23.11: Weekly Wrap Up

23 Jul
So many of you comment here, on Twitter and the Skinny Cat Face Book page- that I thought I would start making you super stars! Every Saturday look here to find the Weekly Wrap Up! Check it out to see if I quoted you, posted something you sent to me or just didn’t have time to sneak in any bloggity reading time- all of the hilites will be here!

Friends in Norway and those of you with family & friends there:

We’re all horrified at what happened to you all yesterday. You are in our thoughts , prayers and we send you love and positive energy. There is no excuse for what that nutbag did- deepest and sincerest sorrow we have for you all. Takes me right back to 9-11, I remember how stunned I was and that no one could find a word that can even begin to heal the pain. Know we are wrapping you in our thoughts and hoping you will be o.k. – we will heal along side you. We love you.


This cracked me up! Said by The Man in our kitchen!

“Nude panties freak me out- makes it look like somebody stole your p*ssy”.

And so did this from Michelle Lihou in response to me bitching about the pedicure lady using a fucking XOXO CHEESE GRATER on my feet:

“maybe she was saving the bits to sprinkle on her salad later … ewww sorry, i just grossed myself out, hahaha!

Found these quotes & more on Skinny Cat Face Book


Sent to me by Mandy Martin- who I will get the pleasure of meeting and drinking some slut juice with soon here in New Small Town. She’s from here and went to High School with The Man…let’s hear some stories about him, Mandy!

Most read post:
Hot & Cheesy WTF Plate

Shoe Porn:

What’s Up For “Artsy Chicks: Tomorrow:

Funky, artsy and stylish jewelry! I stumbled onto her through last weeks Artsy Chicks Post! I couldn’t believe the detail in her beaded work! She’s from Denmark and I adore this jewelry. Quirky, funky, colorful and  she will customize for you. So check back tomorrow and show the girl some love!

Best Bloggity Post I Read:

If you’re a single lady, or you need to give your man/lady a user manual so they’ll stop fucking up, this post is for you! I re-read it today and I was howling. Shit, see if Carrie will customize one for you then give it to whoever you want to date!

Go show her some love, Kittens!

Rocker Mom Rambles:

Finally- RIP , Amy Winehouse. You will remain one of my all time favorites. I was pulling for you and attending one of your concerts is on my Bucket List. The world got cheated again! I cried when I read the news and your beautiful soul will be horribly missed. xoxoxo


2 Responses to “7.23.11: Weekly Wrap Up”

  1. Mandy July 23, 2011 at 12:41 PM #

    Woo Hoo! I made the wrap up!

    My stories about The Man are not suitable for public viewing. Will fill you in when I get there! LOL

  2. RockerMomCarrie July 23, 2011 at 1:16 PM #

    Thanks, girlie for the shout out on my instruction manual. I plan on printing it out and giving it to my dates. 🙂

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