Artsy Chicks: Feast Your Eyes On This!

3 Jul
Hope you guys are ready to get all hot and bothered! Today I want you to meet Linda Hughes- the master eye behind the cameras at FuzeBox Photography. Linda has a brilliant talent and knack for directing high art photo shoots. From inside, to outside and underwater. Underwater! Not only that- she has an incredible team of wardrobe, models,  hair and make up artists at her beck and call. That’s great- because I am going to need them all for my upcoming shoot! You guys know I am picky- Linda is my go to for fabulous photos!
Check out more photos: Face Book
I know Linda- she is hilarious, brilliant, beautiful and listens to what you want out of your photo shoot experience. And if that all is not enough to get you to hire her- she won’t charge you a fortune plus your first born child for a couple of shots. Fuze Box is the most affordable photography in Austin, I bet ya. She helps people follow their dreams, too, by offering special pricing for aspiring models , musicians and actors. Oh- and she can shoot a special music video of your photoshoot with a song of your choice. Awesome? Oh I think so- more like epically awesome!

Check out more photos: Face Book
Special Skinny Cat Bonus: Like Fuze Box on FB or send an email -and mention Skinny Cat- and you get a 1 hour shoot for $50. FIFTY. Dollars!


Linda Hughes, the talent behind FuzeBox Photography, is a bit of a rare breed in Austin’s male dominated photography field. None turns a photo into high art like she does. In the last six years she has seen her photography hobby explode with an overwhelming urge to capture someone or something with her artsy lens all of the time. In the last two years her portfolio has grown and she has accomplished a pretty impressive list of photography wins and is a regular contributor to giant publications and events:
  • Austin Fashion Week 2010
  • Austin Lifestyle Magazine
  • Mainstream musicians
  • Major retail art & photo spreads
  • Numerous galleries
  • Web & Print media
As amazing as that list is- there is some thing that Linda considers even more amazing than any published work- you.  “I love that there aren’t too many women in this small town of photographers, I feel it gives me a bit of an advantage, especially when I am trying to get a non-model to feel comfortable and I am able to get these amazing shots that exude a woman’s natural beauty”. Sign me up and shoot me fabulous! Her portfolio is testament to her discerning eye for capturing original ideas, art shots and you being fabulous. Now- help an Artsy Chick out and go Like her on FaceBook then check out the hot men, under water shoots and musicians on her website!!

3 Responses to “Artsy Chicks: Feast Your Eyes On This!”

  1. Anonymous July 3, 2011 at 2:15 PM #

    Nice cake!

  2. Anonymous July 3, 2011 at 2:17 PM #

    Wow! Those are not what I expected- much better than the standard portrait shoot! And thanks for the nearly naked men- way to start a Sunday!

  3. Heather Reese July 3, 2011 at 5:21 PM #

    Gah! Too bad she isn't closer!

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