It’s Fixation Friday, Kittens!

13 May
I’m a little neurotic. I’ve tried very hard to be right up front about that and give fair warning to you all that I  like to cuss (the F Bomb is my favorite) and it will be an especially cussy day if the Xanax and Whiskey fairies fail to show up on any given morning day. I guess if we’re going to be honest- and stick to this bloggity’s* motto of tell it like it is- then I am cussy all of the time. I have made several somewhat honest attempts to stop- but then my friends ask me if i’m sick/depressed/suddenly mute if I am not my usual well accessorized colorful languaged sailor. So to put their worries at ease- I cuss on!
I have other fixations as well. Now let’s reach into the crazy bag and see what we pull out! I am interested to know what level of neurotic you all are, also, so please do post and fly your freak flag along with me! Or join me on Face Book. (The button is over there —->)
I Have No Filter. None. If it pops into my head I am gonna share it. Recently while out on a What  A Fucking Shitty Week date with Carrie, we were talking about baby arms. If you don’t know what a baby arm is then you may be in danger of having your lady card revoked. Unless you are a virgin. Or a nun. At any rate, we were flashing a bunch of hand gestures…imagine our hands 4, 6, 8 and 10 inches apart while mouthing “this big”…and laughing. Maybe some snorting and generally sneezing our margaritas out of our noses. We also discussed various dismounts but more about that later. People were watching: the man stuck with two brats seemed interested and maybe like he wanted to come sit with us (sorry- we don’t like REAL baby arms), the chicks next to us seemed perturbed that we out good-timed them and the waiter was looking at us as though we just let lose the most obnoxious fart known to man kind. Pretty sure we are  banned from the inside of that restaurant- because the next time we went they were sure to seat us outside on the most secluded corner.  Like distance is any challenge to us!
I Tell It Like It Is: I think I have always done this to an extent. But lately- I just go balls out. I’m annoyed by political correctness. Just say what you mean- and mean what you say! Holy shit- I can’t stand it if people will not just say what’s on their mind or their real opinion of whatever subject. Part of my motivation for this blog was that I am freaking out about my weight and turning 40. Like some switch in a deep unreachable corner of the universe will be flipped off and I will never be able to lose another ounce come August and aging will accelerate. Crazy much? While digging around the interweb- all I was able to find was bullshit advice like: this will be the best decade, embrace the new softer you, men love you droopy and all, you will find your true self, 40 is radiant, you are a beautiful butterfly emerging. What. The. Fuck! Stop blowing fucking sunshine up my ass and tell me the truth. After that, quickly tell me the recipe for the “Holy Shit I’m Fucking 40” cocktail. I am certain- that once I am 40- I will sail smoothly. However, right now, I am trying to figure out: why my period is all wonky, what can I do about my skin  drying out,  why the mustache, how do I keep my boobies from trying to hump my knees, why do I gain weight by simply reading a menu and why this all happened suddenly at one time and holy shit WHAT could possibly go wrong next? Can’t I have a decade to adjust? So here I am- telling you- exactly what to expect and what I find out. No sunshine. No mincing. Just the truth. This is scary. And I am only usually afraid of the boogie man and the dark. And people with bad hygiene. And ugly shoes. *Shiver*
I’m All For Feedback: Some people like this blog- some people like Jeanne09 do not. She emailed me about my last post- in which I described my recent party at the Gyno’s. More like panic than a  party. Sorry you were offended Jeanne, but I did give fair warning to not read on. Love it when you guys comment, post on my Face Book page or email me . I have had some awesome email conversations that have made me feel fantabulous and one that made me cry. I cried because this woman emailed me and told me thank you for being so honest and open. That she wished her girlfriends would be – because she is struggling with 30 and they think she is weak. WHAT! Pardon me while I step up on my soapy box: Always be a good girlfriend and listen to your posse. If someone is struggling shut your pie hole and hug her! Do not tell her she is whining, weak, less of a woman or over reacting. Or worse, don’t tell her about the time you were in her shoes and coasted through the same situation singing  Zippity Fucking Doo Dah while unicorns shit rainbow cupcakes down on your picnic! If your girl confides she is on the verge of a nuclear fucking freak out- drop your fork and listen to her. M’kay? As far as feedback- i’ll take what you have to say but if you email me and call me names, tell me Jesus hates a cusser or act like you shit sunshine- i’m gonna get all pissy and post your user name. Meow.
I’m Damaged: If you read this blog at all – you know that. ‘Nough said.
Lastly- I love you all. Because this makes me feel better- that I am not alone. Or I made you laugh. Or think. Or waste your lunch hour. Thank you for your support, your cheers, tears and smart ass responses.
bloggity’s* Stole this from Carrie. Makes me laugh everytime she says bloggity blog. Like it’s her retarded pet.

3 Responses to “It’s Fixation Friday, Kittens!”

  1. Anonymous May 13, 2011 at 1:40 PM #

    You ROCK !…..and you have a sweet ass !

  2. Anonymous May 13, 2011 at 2:10 PM #

    The uss Ronald Regan wants to hire you! Say it like ya mean it! Babys, Sissys and weiners need not apply. Prepared to offended and then tell your self “shes got a point” whaaaa! so fuckditty do dah! Put your big girl panties on and take it! Glass houses are for fake people!! UGS

  3. howtoskinnyacat @ blogspot May 13, 2011 at 2:22 PM #

    Well thankies!! Especially the sweet ass part 🙂

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